TRD Pro Wheels FAQs - All You Need To Know

Are you looking to equip your 4Runner, Tacoma, or FJ Cruiser with a set of TRD Pro wheels? Do you have some questions about TRD Pro wheels? If your answer to both questions is yes, then we have all the answers you need right here on this page.

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions Toyota owners have about TRD Pro wheels, along with detailed answers to each one. (By the way, check out this post if you are deciding between steel and alloy wheels.)

What Are The TRD Pro Wheel Colors?

17" TRD Pro wheels are available in matte back and gray (also called gunmetal finish).

black trd wheels

These 17" Matte Black TRD wheels (part no. PTR20-35110-BK) were offered on the FJ Cruiser all the way back in 2012, and they're very popular with Tacoma and 4Runner owners.

black trd wheel vs silver wheel

The same 17" TRD Pro wheels are available in gunmetal finish (part no. PT2035110gr), too.

toyota trd wheel comparison

16" TRD Pro wheels are available in matte black, bronze, and graphite.

You can paint your TRD Pro wheels to change the color. You can either have a professional paint your wheels or do it yourself. If you do it yourself, remember that preparation is everything when it comes to getting good results.

What Sizes Of TRD Pro Wheels Are Available?

TRD Pro wheels are available in 2 sizes: 16" diameter and 17" diameter. Both of these TRD Pro wheels are 7" wide.

The 16" TRD Pro wheels are made specifically for Tacomas, and the 17" TRD Pro wheels are made specifically for 4Runners and FJ Cruisers.

Will Tacoma TRD Pro Wheels Fit On A 4Runner?

No. TRD Pro wheels made for Tacomas won’t fit on a 4Runner. It’s because the 4Runner’s brake rotors and calipers are too large to be cleared by 16" wheels made for Tacomas.

Will 4Runner TRD Pro Wheels Fit On A Tacoma?

Yes. 4Runner TRD Pro wheels will usually fit a Tacoma 4WD with no problem. It’s because 4Runner TRD Pro wheels are 17" wheels, so they will easily fit over Tacoma brakes. Keep in mind that 4Runner TRD Pro wheels won't fit on a Tacoma that has 2WD. 2WD Tacomas us a 5 lug hub, while 4x4 Tacomas us a 6 lug hub.

What's The Difference Between A TRD Wheel And A TRD Pro Wheel?

trd vs trd pro

A lot of people use "TRD Pro" and "TRD" interchangeably, but they're not the same. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, and it is Toyota’s racing brand. TRD wheels are genuine accessories from TRD USA. TRD Pro is a special trim package.

So there's such a thing as a TRD Pro package wheel, which is a Toyota wheel that says "TRD" on it, but that isn't necessarily available from TRD USA. How is a TRD Pro wheel different from a regular TRD wheel?

TRD Pro wheels are a little narrower than TRD wheels. The former is 7" wide, and the latter is 7.5" wide. Also, TRD Pro wheels come with an offset, which widens the stance a bit. Regular TRD wheels don't come with an offset.

A lot of the people buying "replacement" TRD Pro wheels aren't actually replacing their TRD wheels - they're upgrading. If you have an SR5 Tacoma, you can buy a set of TRD Pro replacement wheels and put them on your SR5 without any problems.

What Are The Specs On TRD Pro Wheels?

TRD Pro wheels are:

  • 16" or 17" in diameter
  • 7" wide
  • Approximately 25 pounds each
  • Have a 6 lug pattern

What Is The Backspacing On TRD Pro Wheels?

The backspacing on TRD Pro wheels depends on the type of wheel you have, but it's usually 11mm.

What Is The Wheel Offset On TRD Pro Wheels?

The wheel offset on TRD Pro wheels is 4mm.

What Dimensions Are TRD Pro Wheels (Weight, Size, And Width)?

Tacoma TRD Pro wheels are:

  • 16" in diameter
  • 7" wide
  • 25 pounds

4Runner and FJ Cruiser TRD Pro wheels are:

  • 17" in diameter
  • 7" wide
  • 25 pounds

TRD Pro wheels are pretty light compared to other wheels designed for trucks. It's because TRD Pro wheels are made of aluminum alloy, which is lighter than other metals. Lightweight wheels help with acceleration, ride, braking, and they improve fuel economy.

Do TRD Pro Wheels Come With Center Caps?

trd center cap

Yes, TRD Pro wheels come with center caps. TRD Pro center caps add a lot of style to your wheels. Here's a good example: wheel part no. PT758-35170-02 for 2017-2019 Tacomas.

What Lugnuts Work With TRD Pro Wheels?

You can use your OEM lug nuts with your TRD Pro wheels.

Are Replica, Knock-Off, Or Lookalike TRD Pro Wheels Available?

Short answer: No. Toyota and TRD have patented the design of the wheels they've produced. No aftermarket company can make the same wheels without violating that patent. Besides, you don't want a knock-off TRD wheel. TRD wheels are lightweight and strong, which makes them better than most aftermarket wheels.

What Are TRD Pro Wheel Part Numbers?

Some of the most popular TRD Pro wheel part numbers are:

What Tire Sizes Work With TRD Pro Wheels?

Ideally, 275/70/R17 or 265/70R16 work best with TRD Pro wheels. If you have tires that are a different size or if you want to go bigger, you can ask your tire dealer if they'll fit TRD Pro wheels.

Got any questions that are still unanswered? We'll be more than happy to answer them for you if you contact us!