Top 4 Silver Screen Toyotas

There are famous movie lines everyone seems to know. These snippets of pop culture circulate through society on an endless loop, becoming more and more legendary as time goes on. Just think: How many times have you said "I'll be back" in Arnold's voice?

Then, there are famous movie cars. Though they might not be as widely circulated as the quotes, to car nuts they're just as famous. Here are our top 4 favorite Toyotas from the big screen:

1. Pizza Planet Truck, Pixar Films

The Pizza Planet Truck - which has made an appearance in nearly every Pixar film (except The Incredibles) - bears a striking resemblance to a Toyota Hilux. This is an assumption, of course, based on the ambiguous "YO" spelled out on the tailgate and other styling queues.

We first meet The Pizza Planet Truck in Toy Story, when Woody and Buzz hop aboard to catch Andy when he's at Pizza Planet. In A Bug's Life, we see the familiar yellow truck parked outside a trailer home. The truck has somehow traveled to Australia in Finding Nemo, Paris in Ratatouille, and even survived the apocalypse in Wall-E. Spotting the Pizza Planet Truck in Pixar films has become a fairly stable Easter egg and has actually spawned theories that all Pixar flicks take place in the same universe.

But the biggest secret of all? The Pizza Planet Truck isn't actually a Toyota - it's a fictional 1978 Gyoza Mark VII Lite Hauler, according to a manual. This move may have been due to Toy Story's small budget, which didn't allow them the indulgence of vehicular rights. Still, one look at it, and your instincts say "Toyota." So we're keeping it on the list.

2. Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab Pickup, Back to the Future

In our opinion, the coolest vehicle in Back to the Future didn't have a Flux Capacitor. No disrespect to the DeLorean DMC-12, but when Marty says, "Check out that 4x4! That is hot!" we agreed completely.

The SR5 Xtra Cab Pickup used in the BTTF trilogy wasn't just a stock option used as a last-minute fill in. Fixed with Toyota Racing Development wheels, front and rear tubular bumpers, a light bar, and a crown of KC HiLites, this SR5 became the truck that everyone wanted.

The first SR5 was given away in a contest and was subsequently totaled by the new owner. The second SR5 that was featured in the second and third films, however, almost deserves a movie of its own. After its turn on the big screen, the SR5 became someone's daily driver. The new owner painted it fluorescent orange and gave it a blue interior. After a few years of its post-retirement life, the truck was stolen from its SoCal home and ended up in Mexico. There, it was used as a drug runner for a cartel. The SR5 was eventually located, bought, and restored to its Back to the Future status. Unfortunately, its latest makeover didn't come with time travel technology.

3. Toyota Supra Mk IV, The Fast and the Furious Franchise

The Fast and the Furious franchise has grossed $1,290,792,051. For those counting zeros, that's over ONE TRILLION dollars. Needless to say, that means a lot of moviegoers have ogled over Brian O'Conner's Toyota Supra Mk IV, which has made an appearance in four of the seven films of the franchise. Though in the movie they claim to have spent $10K-$15K on the vehicle, in reality over $150,000 was invested in the Supra.

One of the 58 versions of the Mk IV Supras used in the films was recently sold at auction for $185,000. Considering the specs, that $185k almost sounds like a deal:

  • 2JZE Engine
  • NOS
  • 19-Speed Gearbox
  • Full Roll Cage
  • Heavy Duty Suspension
  • Competition Seats
  • Strengthened Fuel Tank
  • Wild Body Kit
  • Huge Rear Wing
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Yokohama Tires
  • Performance Steering Wheel

4. Toyota 2000GT, You Only Live Twice

Would any movie car list be complete without a James Bond movie? As 007 might say, "Not even remotely."

Featured in the 1967 film You Only Live Twice, the Sean Connery's Bond swaps out his recognizable Aston Martin for the featured 1966 Toyota 2000GT Sport Coupe Convertible, one of only two ever built. These were never offered to the public, and it's made them the most collectible Japanese cars ever built. Similar models have fetched over a million dollars at auction and lead us to believe there might not be enough money in the world to buy the actual wheels used in the movie. While the first 2000GT is presumed to be scrapped, the other was returned to Japan, given a full restoration, and put display at the Toyota Automotive Museum in Aichi.

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Written by Jason Lancaster