How To Replace A Toyota Spark Plug

In a perfect world, spark plugs would last forever. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Spark plugs wear out over time, usually after 40,000 miles. That means you’ll need to replace your spark plugs a few times over the course of your Toyota’s lifespan.

Toyota Spark Plugs OEM

There are several ways you can decide when to change your spark plugs. You can choose to:

  • Replace all of your spark plugs in regular intervals as a part of preventative maintenance
  • Replace each spark plug as soon as it goes bad
  • Replace them all as soon as the first one goes bad.

(Check out this article for a list of symptoms of a failing spark plug).

Replacing your spark plugs may seem like a drag. But it’s actually a simple and straightforward task you can do pretty much anywhere with the right tools. This is the step-by-step guide you need. First, do a search on your Toyota in our catalog and then order the right genuine OEM spark plug(s) for your car at a discounted price. When you get your part(s), grab all the tools you need and then replace your spark plug(s) using the steps outlined below.

List Of Necessary Tools

Good news: you don’t need any special tools to do this job. It’s likely that you already have all the necessary tools in your garage. Here’s a full list of what you need before starting the project:

  • 10mm wrench
  • Hex socket
  • Ratchet
  • 6” extension
  • 5/8” spark plug socket

How To Replace Your Spark Plugs

Old vs New Spark Plugs

The steps may vary slightly between models. Regardless of which Toyota model you have, this basic overview of the spark plug replacement process should be easy to follow.

  1. Open the hood.
  2. Disconnect the battery. Be sure to disconnect the negative terminal first.
  3. Remove the engine cover (if there’s one).
  4. Remove the ignition coil(s). There are bolts holding the coil(s) in place that you’ll have to remove first.
  5. With the 6” extension and the spark plug socket, remove the spark plug(s).
  6. Install the new spark plug(s) in the reverse order of removal.

Got any questions about the replacement process or need assistance finding the right part number for your car? Contact us, and we’ll help you.