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Two Awesome Sports Cars, 30 Years Apart

The Toyota MR2 shocked the automotive world when it arrived. Toyota was a conservative company, and the MR2 was a mid-engine two seater with performance rivaling exotics. In '88 Toyota upped the ante and added a supercharger to the MR2. The car earned rave reviews for it's handling and performance in a small affordable package. The mid-engine layout contributed greatly to the MR2's agility. Today, the Toyota 86 continues the tradition, benefiting from another unique engine. The 86 uses a flat four power plant located in front. The flat four lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle as compared to vertical inline four cylinder engine. As a result, the 86 provides handling similar to the MR2. The overall performance is similar too. We thought it would be fun to compare the two sports cars:

MR2 vs 86 IG

The Supercharged MR2 carried a price premium of almost 25% versus a standard MR2. So despite the similar performance of the two cars, the 86 is a relative bargain when the MR2 Supercharged price is adjusted for inflation. Which would you rather own?

Written by Jason Lancaster