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These 5 Modded Camry Wagons Make Station Wagons Cool Again

Station wagons. They’re a rare sight these days. You’re more likely to spot one on a “things only 90s kids remember” list than one on the road today.

Station wagons faded into obscurity in the late 90s after being one of America’s favorites for a long time. Maybe it’s because Americans moved on to SUVs and Subaru Outbacks. Whatever the reason, we wish they were still around.

During the station wagon’s heyday, Toyota was one of the leading station wagon brands with the Cressida, Corolla, and Camry wagons. The Camry station wagon wowed people during its 10-year stint in the U.S. From 1986 to 1996, its sleek design, spacious interior, and comfort-oriented features attracted many buyers.

While it's rare today to see a completely stock Camry wagon, keep your eyes open for wagons with a few "extras." To help sharpen your eye, first let’s see what a Camry Wagon looked like right off the production line:

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camry wagon

A 1991 Camry Wagon, untouched. Photo credit: OSX

Now, check out the many Camry Wagon possibilities:

1. 1993 Camry Wagon

Modded camry wagon1

Modded camry wagon1a

Photo credit: Zilvia.net member Martino, aka INO

Described as a rare model and an even rarer color, this Camry is a turn-key car that’s ready to drive. It has only 129,000 miles and sports a bunch of mods, including upgraded coilovers, LED lights, and new suspension components. Even though it was already built in the Camry Wagon, the rear-facing third row seat is pretty sweet.

2. 1992 Camry Wagon

Modded camry wagon2

Photo credit: CarDomain.com member 94CamryCoupe

This is one of the most souped up Camry Wagons we’ve ever seen. With the lowered body and performance tires, we can’t help but wonder what kind of engine its owner put in there.

3. 1990 Camry Wagon

Modded camry wagon3

Modded camry wagon3a

Modded camry wagon3b

Photo credit: CarDomain.com member beryana

The first thing that caught our eye about this pristine Camry Wagon is its gorgeous ruby red color. Next, we marveled over the streamlined look of the tinted windows and the shiny chrome wheels. This has to be the most futuristic-looking Camry Wagon prowling the roads these days.

4. 1991 Camry Wagon

Modded camry wagon4

Photo credit: Juanita Holt via VehiclePad.com

This car may be 26 years old, but it seems to still be in almost pristine shape. Judging by the eye-catching tires and wheels, it’s easy to deduce that its owner takes good care of it.

5. 1988 Camry Wagon

Modded camry wagon5

Photo credit: Photobucket user lolokahi

80s cars can sometimes be eyesores, but this one looks intriguing enough to be classified as elegantly retro. We think that the white and gold wheels really tie the car together.

Which one of these five unique Camry Wagons blows your mind the most? Let us know on Facebook!

Written by Jason Lancaster