Travel Back To 1977 With This Toyota Celica GT Liftback

If you’re looking for a semi-new car, this 1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback may fit the bill. Yes, we said semi-new. And, yes, we said 1977. Just take a look to see what we mean:

Classic 77 Celica

Photo credit: eBay seller msclassiccars

This car spent the last 40 years living as a hermit. It has only 32,300 original miles under its, erm, serpentine belt. The first owner of this car, who bought it straight from a New York Toyota dealership in 1977, kept it in mint condition for 30 years. The mileage recorded on a vehicle test completed years before (we’re guessing during the 80s or 90s) proved that the original owner kept the Celica in his garage the whole time.

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Classic 77 Celica 14

Classic 77 Celica 3

Classic 77 Celica 4

Classic 77 Celica 20

He sold the Celica to another New Yorker roughly ten years ago. While the car was in excellent shape, it still showed wear and tear due to aging. The second owner had it completely restored by a professional company in Ohio. It got a new paint job, new OEM or NOS parts under the hood, and a quick engine tune-up.

Classic 77 Celica 10

Classic 77 Celica 8

The interior and the trunk compartment are still original and in great shape.

Classic 77 Celica 5

Classic 77 Celica 6

Classic 77 Celica 7

The second owner had this pristine ’77 Celica shown at the Ault Park Concours d’Elegance car show in Cincinnati, and it brought home the Award of Distinction. It was also featured in many other car shows and Toyota special events. He drove this car occasionally - never in rain - and kept it covered in his garage when not in use.

The car remains free of accidents and rust to this day.

After recently acquiring this car, MS Classic Cars invested over $1,400 bringing it to tip-top shape through servicing and detailing.

“This [Celica] retains the original sheet metal, original exterior color, original interior, and original drivetrain,” MS Classic Cars owner Marc Schiliro wrote. “The exterior body is very straight with great gap lines. The paint is show-quality and the color suits the car very well.”

The eBay auction, which had the car listed at just under $27,000, ended without any interested buyers. If you have 27 grand burning a hole in your pocket, you may want to consider this car because it seems like a solid buy. You can cut out the middle man named eBay and just go straight to the source: MS Classic Cars.

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