How to Replace A Lower Valance Cover

Are you dealing with a damaged lower valance cover? Let this guide come to the rescue!

You don't have to take your Toyota to a shop and pay through the nose for a lower valance cover replacement. You can take care of the job yourself with a couple of basic tools.

Why Replacing Your Lower Valance Cover Is Better Than Repairing It

OEM valance

Image Credit: Camry Forums

Repairing a broken lower valance cover sounds good in theory. But it's actually impractical. Here's why:

  • It's often not cost effective: You have to spring for tools and materials. You also have to take labor into consideration. Repairing a broken lower valance cover is hardly worth the time and effort. It's because you can replace it for a little bit more money.
  • It rarely looks good: Repaired lower valance covers often look imperfect. If you want a flawless appearance, replace it.
  • It's hard to make good repairs: When a lower valance cover gets damaged, often the mounting holes or tabs are also damaged. These are hard to repair well. Even if you get the cover re-attached, usually it's just a matter of time before part of it is hanging down.

In a nutshell, you'll get much more value out of replacing your lower valance cover.

Where To Find A Replacement Lower Valance Cover

Quality is important when it comes to replacement lower valance covers. You should use OEM valance covers for the reasons outlined here. There are two ways to get an OEM replacement valance cover:

  1. At a Toyota dealership
  2. Online

The prices are much lower online. In fact, you can score a genuine OEM lower valance cover from us at wholesale pricing. Look up your Toyota model here to see if we have a lower valance cover for your car!

Camry Lower Valance Cover Replacement Tutorial

Front camry valance

The replacement process varies between Toyota models. We put together a tutorial for 2011-2017 Camrys. On a Camry, the lower valance cover is split into two pieces. One piece overlaps the other.

What Tools Do You Need?

Before proceeding with the replacement job, make sure that you have all the tools you need. Here's what you will need to get the job done:

  • 10mm socket
  • Body clip removal tool or flathead screwdriver

Steps To Take

When you have everything in order, you can proceed to replace the lower valance covers. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the body clip in the middle of the two splash shields. These break easily, so it's a good idea to have another one on hand.
  2. Remove 3 bolts that attach an airflow guide in front of the passenger's side tire.
  3. Remove 5 bolts that remain in the passenger side splash shield.
  4. Remove 3 bolts that attach an airflow guide in front of the driver's side tire.
  5. Remove 4 bolts that remain in the driver side splash shield.
  6. Install the new lower valance covers in the opposite order of removal. Remember that the front center bolt holds both halves of the splash shields, so install it last.

If you need help finding a replacement lower valance cover for your Toyota model, contact us. We offer a free parts lookup service.

Written by Jason Lancaster