What's A Fuel Injector And Why Is It Important?

The fuel injectors are an important part of the fuel system, delivering gasoline to your Toyota's engine for combustion. Modern injectors are designed to last a long time but can eventually wear out and need to be replaced to maintain your engine's performance. In this post, we'll introduce you to fuel injectors and answer common questions about what they do.

What (And Where) Are The Fuel Injectors?

OEM toyota fuel injectors

The fuel injectors are located at the top of the engine. They fit into the intake manifold. They are small, elongated plastic units with connections to both the fuel rail and electrical wiring. You'll see one fuel injector for each of your vehicle's cylinders.

A fuel injector's job is to deliver gasoline. It sprays a high-pressure stream of atomized gasoline into the engine's combustion chambers. It works using the same principle as a nozzle on a spray bottle. This spray is both timed and metered to maximize combustion so the engine delivers optimum performance. The fuel injector is a separate component from the fuel pump, which is used to move gasoline from the fuel tank to the injectors.

Why Are Some Common Fuel Injector Problems?

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Like most parts, fuel injectors have a finite life span and eventually wear out. They eventually get worn or clogged with impurities, reducing their performance. When a fuel injector's performance is reduced, it sprays less fuel, causing your engine to produce less power. A worn or clogged fuel injector will display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • The engine runs rough or idles poorly
  • Engine misfiring or stumbling
  • Poor or sluggish performance
  • Bad fuel economy
  • The check engine light is on

A bad fuel injector also displays many of the same symptoms as a bad fuel filter. This is why it's a good idea also to check the fuel filter and replace it when you replace the fuel injectors.

Have Fuel Injector Issues? We Can Help

OEM toyota fuel injectors

OEM fuel injectors from Olathe Toyota Parts Center are specifically designed to work in your Toyota car or truck. They offer the same quality as factory original parts and are backed by a Toyota manufacturer's warranty. Aftermarket parts do not carry the same warranty or last as long.

We also offer helpful resources like a free Toyota VIN decoder, diagnostic info for common Toyota trouble codes, and a wide variety of resources just for Toyota and Scion owners. If you've got questions about the fuel injectors in your car, or need assistance in finding the right OEM parts, just give us a call!