The Difference Between An Engine Air Filter And A Cabin Air Filter

If you own a vehicle, you've probably heard of the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. These two parts should be changed fairly frequently, and you'll often hear them talked about when your oil is changed. These two parts sound very similar and help to clean the air, but what is the difference? Below we'll highlight the differences between the two, how they work and how often they should be changed to ensure proper airflow throughout your vehicle.

What Do The Engine Air Filter And The Cabin Air Filter Do?

While the differences can seem pretty subtle, there are some variations between the two. We have covered the differences before in this post. As a refresher, the engine air filter works to clean air flowing into the intake of your vehicle, ensuring that clean air is heading into the engine for combustion. Meanwhile, the cabin air filter cleans particulates and debris out of the air as it flows into the cabin and ventilation system, which is the air you feel blowing on you while seated in the driver and passenger areas.

While both are important, the engine air filter is vital to proper engine operating conditions. It is physically larger and more robust than a cabin air filter as it processes much more air. The engine air filter is located under the hood. In contrast, the cabin air filter can help prevent unwanted smells, allergens, and dust inside your vehicle. It is usually located behind the glove box.

When Should The Filters Be Changed?

There is a wide variety of options available on the market to replace either air filter. Many brands promote their own "features," but it is often best to stick with OEM standard parts for filters and other parts that help your engine run properly. You can learn more about engine air filters in this post. Like many internal engine parts, by using OEM standard equipment, you can be sure of long engine life and proper engine airflow. The engine air filter is typically changed more regularly than the cabin air filter. Where a cabin air filter can take 30-40,000 miles before needing a replacement, an engine air filter is often recommended to be changed every 15,000 miles. You can learn more about the cabin air filter in this post.

We hope we've provided some clarity on the differences between the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. While both are important, we always recommend you replace them with OEM quality parts. Look no further than Toyota Parts Center for your replacement parts and more info about your vehicle. With more than 15 years of online sales experience and Toyota's 12-month unlimited mileage warranty on all our parts, you can be confident in Toyota Parts Center.