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DIY Car Maintenance Kits Now Available on Our Site!

Looking for the perfect gift for the DIY mechanic in your life? Want to maintain your Toyota without paying an arm or a leg?

Look no further. We have just what you need: DIY maintenance kits.


Every driver needs a DIY maintenance kit.

What’s Included in Each Kit

  • Six (6) OEM oil filters or cartridges
  • Six (6) OEM oil drain plug gaskets
  • Two (2) OEM engine air filters
  • Two (2) OEM cabin air filters
  • A set of OEM wiper blades
  • BONUS: An aftermarket oil filter wrench (for select vehicles)

Benefits of Getting a DIY Maintenance Kit

Less Time Maintaining Your Car

Some drivers forego doing basic vehicle maintenance because it involves looking up the right OEM parts numbers and making multiple trips to their local auto parts supply store. Do you know anyone who actually has time for that?

With one of these kits, you no longer need to conduct any research or travel anywhere. We do all the work for you.

Each popular Toyota model has its own kit, so you have the peace of mind that your kit includes all the right parts specific to your car or truck.

Less Money Spent on Basic Car Maintenance

If you buy all of the parts included in the kit individually, you’ll end up spending a couple hundred dollars. Our kits go for about $135 to $170 – at least 20% off the regular price.

The Luxury of Maintaining Your Car on the Go

Keeping a kit in your car is a great idea in case your Toyota runs into problems on the road. If your car suddenly needs new wiper blades in the midst of a thunderstorm, just reach into your kit and replace them in a matter of minutes.

You also don’t have to make any last-minute trips to an auto parts supply store. Everything you need is right there in the car with you.

Let's make your life easier with one of our kits. Find your kit here!

Written by Jason Lancaster