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Riding Low: 5 Awesome Stanced Siennas

Why spend a lot of money on a low profile street racer when you can buy a Toyota Sienna? A normally plain ride, the Sienna can be transformed by a simple body kit and a lowered suspension. Throw on some rad rims and a smooth paint job, and you’ve got yourself a truly unique van that will have curious (and possibly envious) onlookers. Here are 5 stanced Toyota Siennas that break the mold.

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Stanced gray sienna1

Stanced gray sienna2

Image Source: airsociety.net

We start off with this slick bagged 2001 Sienna. The charcoal grey finish and black trim gives this family van an extra edge, while a set of 20 x 10.5” CV3 rims and Falken FK452 tires give it an aggressive look. Underneath, the Sienna sports a top of the line air suspension by ForjWorks that’s powered by a single ViAir 480c compressor.


Stanced rim sienna1

Stanced rim sienna2

Image Source: mindovermotor.com

This Sienna makes no apology for what it is - a functional family car that refuses to sacrifice style. Sitting super low to the ground in its parked position, the bronze rims and flashy accessories keeps this driver living young.


Stanced white sienna1

Image Source: mulpix.com

This white Sienna is good example of how a lowered Sienna can appear to be just like any other minivan until you give it a second look. The simple white finish with bold dark lines and rims make this van at home in a car show or ready to hit the road for the annual family vacation.


Stanced blue sienna

Image Source: pinterest.com

This Sienna looks built for speed. With its simple blue paint job and sharp rims, this Sienna is not your average grocery grabber.


Stanced white sienna2

Image Source: vossenwheels.com

Another prime Sienna with white on white and bold lines. Cruise the urban sprawl in this smooth, unsuspecting ride. You'll still feel the warm embrace of style, even if it’s a school night.

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Written by Jason Lancaster