Are OEM Toyota Windshield Wiper Blades Better Than Aftermarket?

Thinking about saving a few bucks on aftermarket windshield wiper blades for your Toyota? You may actually be better off with OEM windshield wiper blades. OEM wiper blades offer a lot more value than aftermarket blades. Here's why:

1. OEM Wiper Blades are Designed Just For Your Toyota Model

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Aftermarket wiper blades are built with universal dimensions. When you buy aftermarket blades, you're running the risk of them not attaching to the wiper arm properly. There's also the possibility of the aftermarket blade being too thick, too thin, too long, or too short. There's also a good chance of aftermarket blades not being shaped to fit your car's windshield.

If a blade gets detached from the wiper arm while in use due to poor fitment, visibility is reduced and you would have to pull over immediately to avoid getting into an accident.

OEM wiper blades are designed to fit your windshield perfectly. Their design enables them to slide into the wiper arm and stay in securely. They're also the right shape and thickness to keep your windshield dry as much as possible.

Basically, OEM wiper blades are the much safer option because they're designed to fit your Toyota model, while aftermarket blades are universal.

2. OEM Wiper Blades are Made With High Quality Materials

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Toyota made a point to build its wiper blades with high quality materials meant to last. That way, you'll have the peace of mind that your OEM wiper blades will last a long time.

As far as aftermarket blade material quality goes, it's a hit or miss (mostly miss). Amazon is full of reviews from disgruntled car owners who installed aftermarket blades on their cars. A reviewer wrote, " For the first couple of weeks [my aftermarket wiper blades] were great, but then they started to streak. After about a month they were to the point that all they did was smear the water. I could see better when I didn't use them in heavy rain."

The general consensus is that aftermarket wiper blades don't last very long and they start leaving streaks after a short period of time. This is largely due to poor fitment and the use of low-quality materials. A reviewer wrote, "Within 3 months, [my aftermarket] blades were splitting and I had to replace them. The OEM blades lasted one year and worked well."

A big reason why aftermarket wiper blades are usually cheap is because aftermarket manufacturers tend to cut corners by using low grade materials. Unfortunately, that affects your safety on the road in rainy or snowy weather.

3. OEM Wiper Blades Come Under Warranty

Toyota offers a 12-month warranty on all of its parts, including windshield wiper blades. That means in the rare occurrence that your OEM wiper blades break or fail to work properly, you can get them replaced for free within 12 months after installation.

Aftermarket parts are rarely backed by a warranty. It's another reason why aftermarket parts are so cheap. So if your aftermarket wiper blades fail, you'll have no choice but to buy new ones. So that means your aftermarket wiper blades may end up costing more than OEM ones.

How to Get Genuine OEM Windshield Wiper Blades at Aftermarket Prices

A big reason why Toyota owners decide to install aftermarket wiper blades is because they can be significantly cheaper than OEM ones. However, what a lot of people don't realize is that OEM wiper blades can be cheap, too. As authorized sellers of OEM Toyota parts, we offer deeply discounted prices on genuine OEM Toyota windshield wiper blades. Look up your Toyota in our catalog to see how much money you can save on a set of wiper blades!

Written by Jason Lancaster