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Toyota Watching Inventory Closely - Toyota Parts Blog

Although the disaster in Japan may have been pushed to the “old news” category by the general media, the situation halfway around the globe is still effecting U.S. Toyota customers on a day to day basis. Toyota has recently been pushed into counting their parts a little closely, and in the process the company has given dealerships a list of 233 Toyota Parts that were considered in short supply.

Toyota production of parts coming from Japan will be virtually at a standstill until the situation over there stabilizes.

Toyota over the last several weeks has been hit especially hard by this massive collapse in Japan, and U.S. dealerships are now starting to see the outcome of the situation. Toyota had completely suspended all production until just last Sunday, and the effect it has had on the company is still not 100% clear. It is clear, however, that certain measures need to be taken in order for the massive automotive company to not run out of replacement or emergency repair Toyota Parts.

While global production did resume, production of Toyota Parts in Japan, the global epi-center of Toyota activity, will not resume for at least a month. This means that the parts the company is running short on, those involved in body panel and pillar subassemblies and shock absorbers, will not be available for some time now.

While 233 parts experiencing a shortage may sound worrisome, that does not compare to the companies 300,000 Toyota Parts offered globally for all it’s vehicles.

Written by Tom Blackman