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Toyota Continues Program Supporting International Teacher Fellowship - Toyota Parts Blog

For what is now 11 years, Toyota has funded and ran the Toyota International Teachers Program through sales of their many Toyota Parts and Accessories. Over those monumental 11 years, the program has sent 164 teachers to the Costa Rica and Galapagos Islands regions with the goal of forming bonds, exchanging information and teaching philosophies, and using the influence of a teacher to better the environment we live in. This year, the Toyota International Teachers Program will send an already selected 24 teachers from 22 states to the Galapagos Islands. While there, those involved will travel the area, meeting and collaborating with natives of that area, learning from their experiences. They will according to the press release on Toyota’s website, talk about “key environmental topics throughout the program, providing the scientific background and global connections teachers need to connect learnings acquired in Galapagos with the environmental challenges in their communities and around the world”

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are known as some of the most diverse and fragile ecosystems on Earth, so they are the perfect site for an environmentally focused program like the Toyota International Teacher Program.

This program, as mentioned, isn’t really anything new to the world. In the past, teachers have been sent on trips around the world, from Japan to Costa Rica, in order to solve some of the most prevalent problems of the environmental communities. While on the trip, teachers will set up “virtual classrooms through the Toyota4Education.com wiki. Facilitating distance learning, the social media tool enables teachers to communicate their experiences in real time with their schools and communities. Educators will blog about their Galapagos experiences, post photos and lesson plans and correspond with their students”

Teachers who wanted to become involved in this program began the application progress a long while back. They first had to submit an application, proving that they 1. Were a valid U.S. citizen, 2. Had at least 3-years of teaching experience, and 3. “Employed full-time as a secondary classroom teacher or teacher-librarian (grades 6-12).” Once these conditions were met, teachers were evaluated by the competitive process conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE), to determine if they were going to be the right people to be included in this program.

The Toyota International Teachers Program is one of 3 similar programs in the world funded my a major corporation.

Quotes included in this story were taken from the news release on Toyota.com, found HERE.

Written by Tom Blackman