Toyota Genuine Oil Filter 90915-YZZD3 - Better Than Cheap Aftermarket

When people talk about vehicle maintenance, they often reference changing the oil. However, what about the oil filter? This can be just as important. Need to replace yours? A genuine Toyota oil filter is simply the best choice.

Toyota Genuine Oil Filter 90915-YZZD3

Need to change your oil filter? Pick the best option, the Toyota genuine oil filter. 

Toyota engineers spend a lot of time on research and developing the best vehicle they can. This is also true with all the individual components including the oil filter. The filter has been tested and it is the perfect fit for your vehicle to keep it running at optimal performance.

The reason the genuine product is better is that it has been thoroughly tested. We did our own analysis of oil filters and found that the Toyota genuine product is superior for many reasons. Our analysis looked at three of the top brands. We found the Toyota OEM, Wix, and K&N filters were better because:

  • Filter Surface Area – These three filters had the largest filter surface area to help filter out more oil impurities.
  • Bypass Valve – Of the eight that we compared, these three had the best bypass valves.  Each of the valves functioned at a high level.
  • Filter Materials – The materials used in these three filters were less paper-like, less crumbly when cut, and generally sturdier.

So which did we like the best? They are all good filters.  However, the Toyota OEM ($4.33) comes in at a lower price than the Wix ($6.99) and K&N ($13.99) filters.

The genuine oil filter is cheaper? Yep. And it is better. Next time you need to change your oil filter, click here and order one.