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Toyota Prius Tips - Connect iPod

The Toyota Prius comes with some handy features including the ability to connect your iPod to the navigation screen. Yet hooking it up depends on the your Prius. Here’s different ways to hook it up.

Toyota Prius Tips - Connect iPod

Connect your iPod to your Toyota Prius by using one of these methods.

In order to correctly connect your iPod to your Prius, you are going to have to find out some information. Namely, you will need to know what year Prius you have and radio type.

For 2009+ Prius models, Toyota makes an iPod interface that easily connects your device to the car.

For older models, you will have a variety of choices such as:

  • Look for an auxillary plugin built into the car. You can then directly connect a cable from your iPod to your car.
  • If you don’t have an AUX IN, next you can consider using an FM transmitter. This item will connect to your iPod and transfer music through a predetermined radio station.
  • You can also fall back to the old cassette system, granted if your car has a cassette player.

There are also more expensive and handy ways to use your steering wheel controls to use the iPod. There are two products called iPod2Car and DICE Electronics that allow you to use your CD interface and steering wheel controls to use your iPod.

You could also investigate other third-party products like Vais Technology called SLI. This system allows you to still use the CD player and your IPod without disruption.

Depending on your model year, one of the above solutions will work even if it is the old cassette system.

Written by Tim Esterdahl