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Driving Quirks & Habits That Ignite Road Rage - Toyota Parts Blog

Road rage is a growing problem in the United States. According to Road & Travel Magazine, more than half of drivers who are subjected to aggressive driving behavior respond with aggression of their own.

Don’t let this happen to you…

To protect yourself from road rage, you need to understand the causes. Here are some aggressive driving behaviors that often spark road rage.

  • Cutting people off – This one is a common cause of road rage. Be sure to use your turn signals when making a lane change. Also avoid squeezing into tight spaces. It’s not safe.
  • Tailing another vehicle – If you’re one of those people that closely rides behind another vehicle, it might spark a road rage incident. Plus it’s dangerous to tail too close behind another vehicle.
  • Excessively honking horn – There’s nothing wrong with using your horn. But if you’re one of those people that conduct a symphony with their horn, you might be setting yourself up for a road rage incident.
  • Driving way under the speed limit – If you’re driving 40 mph on a 65 mph highway, you’re going to tick someone off or possibly cause an accident. Most highways have a minimum speed limit. Be sure you’re at least traveling the minimum posted speed limit.
  • Using bright lights – If you’re driving down a well-lighted highway with your bright headlights on, it’s probably going to cause some people’s blood to boil. Plus, it could cause an accident. Keep your bright lights for country roads and other dark areas.
  • Bumper stickers – You have a right to free speech, but an offensive bumper sticker could set the wrong person off, especially if you’re engaging in some aggressive driving. Think twice about posting that offensive bumper stickers on your vehicle.

If you want to prevent road rage, these are just some of the things you should consider. What other types of things cause road rage? Leave your comments below.

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Written by Tom Blackman