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Rewards CardGas rewards credit cards are a popular way to save at the pump.

These cards allow you to get discounts on gas, vehicle maintenance and more. To find the right card for you, follow the tips below.

  • Think About How You Pay Off Credit Cards  – If you have a great credit score and regularly pay your monthly bills in full, these are an excellent option. If you have trouble paying monthly bills in full, a gas rewards card could hurt your financial situation.
  • Figure Out How Much Gas You Use – Gas rewards cards are not for everyone. If you don’t do a lot of driving, it’s probably not worth the hassle. However, you’ll want to think about getting one if you have a long commute to work.
  • Pick Your Favorite Gas Station – Gas rewards credit cards are usually linked to a particular gas station. You’ll want to pick one that you regularly visit. You don’t want to choose one that doesn’t have many locations in your area, unless you plan on only visiting that gas station.
  • Look for Hidden Fees – Check to see if there are any expensive membership fees. If the fees are high, it’s probably not worth your time. You may want to look elsewhere. You can learn more about Hidden Fees on CreditorWeb.
  • Pay Attention to Interest Rate – Even if you plan on paying off your card every single month, take a look at the interest rate. Things change in life. You never know when you might have a balance on your credit card. You can find current credit card interest rates at

Many gas stations also have loyalty cards. These are sometimes tied to grocery stores. Typically you save anywhere from 5 to 10 cents a gallon. It’s based on how much you spend at a particular chain of gas stations or grocery stores.

This is a great option if you’re not looking to apply for a credit card.

Do you have a gas rewards credit card? How much do you save at the pump? Leave your comments below!

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Written by Tom Blackman