How To Avoid Crashing Your Toyota - Toyota Parts Blog

car crashNo one wants to get into a car accident.  Injuries, vehicle damages and insurance claims aren’t fun.

If you want to avoid a car accident, you need to follow these five tips.

#1. Drive The Speed Limit – Driving the speed limit and giving yourself enough space between vehicles will help prevent a lot of accidents.  As a rule of thumb use the two-seconds rule.  Keep a braking distance of two seconds or more between you and the vehicle ahead of you.

#2. Watch Your Blind Spots – It’s always important to check your blind spots before changing lanes and merging with oncoming traffic.  Many accidents occur because someone forgot to check their blind spots.

#3. Avoid Driving Distracted – Avoid playing with cell phones and other items that can distract you. The U.S. Department of Transportation says you should avoid:

  • Cell Phone Use
  • Eating Foods and Drinks
  • Grooming
  • Reading
  • Changing with Radio Stations, CDs and iPods

#4. Proper Vehicle Maintenance – Be sure to follow your Toyota’s recommended maintenance schedule.  This helps to make sure that you can safely steer and stop your vehicle.  When searching for Toyota parts such as Highlander parts, consider getting OEM parts.  These parts are made by the manufacturer and are a higher quality.

#5. Try To Avoid Night Driving – This is especially important on the weekends when there may be drunk drivers on the road.  Try to keep driving to the daylight hours as much as you can.  When you need to drive at night, be extra cautious.

Have you ever been in an accident.  What happened?  Leave your comments below.

Written by Tom Blackman