The Top 5 Teenage Driving Mistakes - Toyota Parts Blog

Car CrashTeenage drivers are notoriously bad drivers.

It’s not their fault.  They’re just learning how to drive.  For parents with a new teenage driver in the house, here is what you can expect in terms of teenage driving mistakes.

  1. Distracted Driving: Teens are notorious for being distracted drivers. It’s gotten even worse thanks to cell phones and texting.  Teach your teenager the importance of paying attention to the road.
  2. Packing The Car With Passengers: This is another big problem.  Too many teenagers in the car leads to distracted driving, which can cause accidents.  It also makes it difficult for the teenager to see out of passenger and rear windows.
  3. Speeding: This is a problem for everyone, but it’s usually worse for teenagers because they don’t have the driving experience to handle high speeds.  Make sure your teen drives the posted speed limit.  Set a good example by following the speed limits and other traffic laws.
  4. No Seatbelt: We all know that seatbelts save lives. Teenagers just need to be reminded more often than others. Stress the importance of wearing a seatbelt to your teenager. You can reinforce seatbelt safety by always making everyone wear their seatbelts when getting into a car.
  5. Taking Turns Too Fast: When teens take turns too fast, it leads to accidents. Be sure to teach your team how to slow down when taking turns. This is really important to teach them in areas that have snow and ice on the roads during the winter.

When your teens are not on the road, be sure to teach them the importance of automotive maintenance. Show them how to change oil and how to replace parts on their vehicle. If they own a Toyota, be sure to use genuine Toyota parts to keep their car on the road longer.


Written by Tom Blackman