7 Stupid Things People Need To Stop Doing Behind The Wheel - Toyota Parts Blog

car wheelWe’ve all seen those “crazy” drivers.  They’re swerving all over the place and they’re nearly causing accidents.  In some cases, they’re actually causing accidents.

Here are the top seven stupid things people need to stop doing behind the wheel.  If people stop doing these stupid things, we’ll all be a lot safer.

1. Using Your Cell Phone While Driving: Using your cell phone while driving is dangerous.  Avoid talking while driving as well as texting while driving.

2. Being Tired While Driving: If you’re taking a long road trip, make sure that you take plenty of breaks.  People falling asleep behind the wheel cause lots of accidents and deaths every year.

3. Letting Children Sit In Front Seats: It’s dangerous to let children sit in the front seat of your vehicle.  Air bags can seriously injure children.  Wait at least until the child is 13 years old.

4. Eating While Driving: Sure it makes a mess in your car, but it also can lead to accidents. Eating while driving causes tons of accidents every single year.  Wait until you get home to eat your meal.

5. Using High-beam Lights Under Normal Driving Conditions: It’s unsafe and dangerous to use your high-beam lights under normal driving conditions.  You can blind other drivers by doing this.  Use high-beam lights when there is no on-coming traffic.

6. Personal Grooming: Men, leave the electric razors at home.  Women, leave the makeup in your purse.  Distracted driving leads to accidents.  Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready.

7. Speeding: Excessive speeding is dangerous to you and other drivers.  Plan your trips out, so you’re not in a hurry.  Also, excessive speeding hurts gas mileage.  Follow the speed limit.

What have you seen people doing behind the wheel?  Leave your comments below.


Written by Tom Blackman