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Robbie Bryant of KEG Media is known for making some of the coolest and baddest customizations. His personal builds are what really blow us away, and of course this Aphrodite Tundra caught our attention.

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It was built for Robbie’s wife Keena and was shown at SEMA in 2014. This Tundra is one sweet ride!

Aphrodite Tundra 1

You’d think that being married to an industry guru means you would just sit back and let your spouse get to work. That was hardly the case when Keena Bryant wanted to customize her Tundra.

Aphrodite Tundra 2

From the rendering phase to the show display at SEMA, Keena knew exactly what she wanted from this truck.

Aphrodite Tundra 3

After purchasing the truck, the Bryants sent it directly to Addictive Desert Designs to get custom Honey Badger Bumpers.

Aphrodite Tundra 4

After the bumpers were fitted, the Tundra was shipped off to Complete Customs for the next phase.

Aphrodite Tundra 5

At Complete Customs, the Tundra got a pair of fiberglass fenders and bedsides and a new black and teal leather interior. Then, it was sent off to get wrapped with a custom color scheme and graphics.

Aphrodite Tundra 6

The West Texas team did the next phase, which included the 12” lift, suspension work, and more. The Tundra has custom lighting components, off-road wheels and tires, and engine upgrades.

Aphrodite Tundra 7

This Tundra was a major hit at SEMA, and it’s easy to see why.

Aphrodite Tundra 8

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Written by Jason Lancaster