Replace Toyota Spark Plugs 90080-91180

Toyota part number 90080-91180 is a common spark plug used in a variety of model years including the Tundra, 4Runner, Matrix, Camry, Scion, and several more.

old and new spark plug

In the internal combustion engine, the spark plug delivers a spark that ignites the fuel. The plugs are located within the engine. Spark plugs can wear out and get dirty over time, so they need to be replaced as part of the regularly scheduled maintenance of your Toyota. Refer to your owner’s manual for the suggested mileage for your model. 

How To Replace Spark Plugs

  • Before you start, disconnect the negative cable on your battery.
  • Using a torque wrench, remove the ignition coil from the cylinder head. Turn the spark plug wire boot until you can pull it off the plug. The boots are rubber and used as insulation that keeps the high-voltage spark contained. Check the boot for any damage. Replace the boot if it is damaged because a damaged boot or an improperly installed boot can affect the spark of the plug, which can cause your engine to run poorly.
  • Clean out the spark plug well by blowing compressed air into it. This removes harmful contaminants. Clean around the area with a shop towel or a hand vacuum. The area should be free of dirt and other impurities.
  • Use a spark plug socket and turn the recessed plug in a counterclockwise motion. The plug socket is equipped with a rubber fitting that will grab the plug.
  • You need to know the gap that is required by your model. This information can usually be found in the owner’s manual. Use a feeler gauge to adjust the gap on the replacement plugs.
  • Thread the plug either by hand or by using a regular socket. The spark plug socket will not work to put the plugs back in because they will grip the plug and not allow you to get the socket out. If the plug is not threading smoothly, then clean the threads in the cylinder head.
  • Use the proper amount of torque for your model to tighten the plugs in your cylinder head.
  • Replace the spark plug boot onto the new spark plug. It will click into place. You can check the connection by giving the boot a tug to make sure it is properly connected.
  • You can repeat these instructions for every spark plug. In the V6, you may need to use an extension on the plug socket to reach the back plugs.
  • Reconnect your negative battery cable.

If you're looking for Tacoma-specific spark plug replacement info, check out this article. And remember, when you need to replace the spark plugs in your Toyota use OEM using part 90080-91180, choose Toyota Parts Center to be your source. You can find them here.