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Genuine Supra Clutch

The clutch on your Supra lets you shift gears on your manual transmission. The clutch is a mechanical part that gets a lot of use since it has to be engaged and disengaged every minute that you drive. It can get hot, and it can become damaged if it is misused. A clutch is a necessary part that needs replacing if it starts to slip or is otherwise keeping your car from changing gears. A genuine OEM Toyota Supra clutch, like those found at Olathe Toyota Parts Center, will be a perfect fit for your Supra. In addition, it will be manufactured to meet the performance needs of the Supra and not be a generic part that won’t last under the Supra’s demands. Genuine OEM parts will last longer than generic parts.

We have your genuine OEM Supra parts and accessories such as the clutch, pressure plate, and gear shift knob. We offer free part and accessory lookup if you’re not quite sure which part number you need. We also have no hassle return policy and offer superior customer service from a highly trained staff. Buy your new OEM Supra clutch now!

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