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How to Armor Your Camry For the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever thought about armoring your Toyota Camry in case of a zombie apocalypse?

Good news: armoring features aren’t exclusive to expensive vehicles transporting valuables, celebrities, or world leaders! There are actually tons of Camry armoring options.

If you really think about it, armoring a Camry is kind of the perfect plan. It's a relatively nondescript car, so a low-key armoring kit wouldn't make it stand out too much. In a future world overrun with zombies, you want to stay under the radar as much as possible, and driving a Camry does the trick.

Ballistic glass

A car with ballistic glass, via John Murphy

What’s Included in an Armoring Kit?

The sheer number of armoring kits for a Camry is impressive so to narrow down your options, look for a kit that offers the highest number of essential features.

A good armoring kit includes most or all of the following add-ons:

  • Run flat tire inserts to resist deflation and allow you to continue driving the Camry at lower speeds on a punctured tire
  • Bulletproof glass to be installed in place of all car windows, the windshield, and the rear windshield
  • A bomb blanket made of Kevlar woven ballistic fibers, which can be either incorporated into your Camry or used as a portable blanket
  • Steel armor panels for the roof to protect against gunfire and bombs
  • Blast resistant steel for the floor, designed to protect the floor and the occupants inside from IED attacks
  • Armor overlap at all doors to keep the door posts and pillars intact in the midst of gunfire or a blast
  • Ballistic protection for components under the hood and the fuel tank
  • Wire mesh installed in the tailpipe to prevent anyone from inserting foreign objects
  • Extensive tests and inspections conducted after the vehicle is armored

With all of the above features, you and your Camry will be able to survive just about anything, even brain-eating zombies.

How an Armored Camry Will Protect You From Zombies


You better prepare your trusty ol' Camry in case this becomes the view in your backyard.

A Toyota Camry is the perfect car to use to dodge zombies. With its high gas mileage, you can get pretty far on one tank without the risk of stopping at a gas station. Plus, its small size and agile driving will have you maneuvering a street chock full of zombies like a pro.

That being said, an armored Camry is leaps and bounds safer than one that isn't armored. If you encounter a clumsy zombie that mistakes one of your tires for brains and sinks its teeth into it, the run flat tire insert will keep the tire functional until you get to a safe place to put on a spare tire. The bulletproof glass, armor overlap at all doors, and ballistic protection all over the car are guaranteed to keep those pesky brain-eating monsters out of your space. Plus, you want an extra layer of protection in case they get smart and figure out how to use guns and deploy explosives. When it comes to a zombie apocalypse, you can't be too careful!

If you've seen The Walking Dead, you'll know that zombies can break glass and will try everything in their power to destroy anything that stands between you and them. That's why a well-armored Camry is the answer to a zombie outbreak.

How Much Does it Cost to Armor a Toyota Camry?

The cost depends on a few variables such as the kit manufacturer and the level of protection the kit offers. You can cherry pick the armor parts and materials to install on your Camry if you’re looking to save money.

If you decide to go with all the bells and whistles that come with armoring a personal vehicle, you’re looking at a starting price of about $14,000. Here are just a few sites that offer armored Camrys and Camry armoring kits:

Of course, a zombie apocalypse will *probably* never happen, but there are still some good "real-world" reasons to armor your Camry. For example, you may just want extra protection for you, your family, and your valuables in a dangerous neighborhood or situation.

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Written by Jason Lancaster