Toyota Parts Deals - Where To Find Them

The Car Care Nut is our favorite YouTube channel. Not just because he's a Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician, but we really like his experience and passion for cars. His videos are fun to watch because he's engaging, covering a wide range of automotive repair topics in an easygoing way. Whether he's covering about specific models, offering car care tips, or providing detailed info like how to restore an older Toyota ride, he comes across as friendly and knowledgeable.

One of the topics he covers is Toyota parts, including all you need to know and where to find deals. Let's take a closer look at this video, which includes tips on ordering parts online and why Olathe Toyota Parts Center is a great resource for help.    

How To Order Genuine Toyota Parts

The Car Care Nut starts with a quick overview of how genuine Toyota part numbers are structured. These numbers are made of 2 parts: The first part contains five letters or digits, followed by a dash, and then the 2nd part is five more letters or digits (Example: 04465-07010)

  • Part 1: The first five digits are a Part Number Code or PNC. The PNC refers to a specific type of part. In our example, the 04465 is the PNC for front brake pads.
  • Part 2: The second five numbers are for a specific model of vehicle, like a Camry or Avalon. Sometimes the second segment of the part number is followed by a two-digit code that provides additional imformation - like B3, which indicates a color code. This color code is helpful if you're ordering a body part and you want the paint to match the vehicle. Or if the two-digit code is 84, that indicates the part is remanufactured.

Knowing the format and basic info about Toyota part numbers can not only save you time finding the parts you need, but it can also save you serious money.

Where To Order Genuine Toyota Parts

OEM toyota parts online

The other tip The Car Care Nut shows is where to buy genuine Toyota parts and how to get them at wholesale prices. He shows you how to avoid paying retail prices by searching different dealer websites and also googling the part number. One thing he's quick to caution people on is buying parts from eBay or Amazon. The parts on those websites may show up when searching by a specific part number but are not always genuine Toyota parts. That's why it's important to check the source of the part and confirm it's a Toyota dealer or parts center, which is the only place you can get genuine Toyota parts. 

Olathe Toyota Parts Center Is The Place To Get OE Toyota Parts At Wholesale Prices 

During the video, The Car Care Nut says that the first place you want to look for Toyota Parts online is Olathe Toyota Parts Center. He mentions how our website is clear, easy to use, and always has up-front wholesale pricing. Finally, he reinforces what we say about genuine OE Toyota parts - that the price is very reasonable when you want quality. Aftermarket parts may seem cheaper, but when you compare things like OE quality, warranties, and other costs like shipping, you'll find that the genuine Toyota part is a better deal. 

At the Olathe Toyota Parts Center, we're also passionate about Toyota vehicles. We not only sell genuine OEM Toyota parts at wholesale prices but offer helpful resources like a free Toyota VIN decoder, diagnostic info for common Toyota trouble codes, and a wide variety of resources just for Toyota and Scion owners.