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New Voluntary Recall of Tundra Trucks - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota has announced a voluntary recall of several Tundra Trucks in regards to the Rear drive shaft. While no accidents involving a death or injury have occurred, Toyota has discovered one such case where the vehicle in question experienced a broken component.

The part in question, the shaft slip yoke, is the main problem Toyota is looking into with these vehicles. All the other Toyota Parts are in full working order. The recall will effect approximately 51,000 vehicles from the 2011 model year.

“Owners of the involved vehicle will receive a letter advising them of this recall by first class mail starting in May 2011. Toyota will also post this information on its website.” [Toyota Newsroom]

While dealerships around the country can distinguish vehicles that need to have the parts replaced in minutes, the actual repair can and “will take more time depending on the dealer workload.”

The parts in question were not affected by the Japanese earthquake disaster.

Written by Tom Blackman