Hate Lowered Trucks? Not These Tundras! - Toyota Parts Blog

We can practically hear your eyes rolling when the subject of lowered trucks come up. It’s a common reaction, but there are Tundras out there that look great lowered. Don’t believe us? Here are five Tundras nobody would kick out of their garage.

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Black Widow

Lowered Tundra Black Widow1

Lowered Tundra Black Widow2

This Tundra has a McGaughy drop kit that makes it look sinister. It hardly stops there with this mean truck. The Black Widow Tundra is supercharged, has a custom exhaust, TRD intake, 22” wheels, and more.

Dropped CrewMax

Lowered Tundra Crew Max1

Lowered Tundra Crew Max 2

Here’s a whole lot of Tundra hugging the ground. This sharp Tundra CrewMax rides on a TRD drop kit and TRD forged wheels.

1SICTOY Lowered Tundra

Lowered Tundra Sic Toy1

Lowered Tundra Sic Toy2

Here’s another Tundra looking killer with a McGaughey drop kit. It also sits on 24” Boss 330 wheels with Falken tires. The custom lights, grille, and interior are also notably awesome.

Street Concept

Lowered Tundra Street Concept1

Lowered Tundra Street Concept2

It’s a shame this is only a concept. This Street Concept Tundra by Toyota is sick. It has many notable customizations, but the ground hugging height ties it all together.

Stark Lowered Tundra

Lowered Tundra Stark

This eye catching Tundra is hard to ignore. It was dropped using a TRD drop kit. Otherwise, this 2013 Tundra has little bit of plasti-dip, but looks mean and clean!

All of these Tundras are tasteful, sleek, and we’d bet you would love to drive them. How could you still hate lowered trucks after seeing these five of many awesome dropped Tundras?

Written by Elizabeth Puckett