Coolest 4Runner Ads Over The Years

The 4Runner has so much to offer. It’s one of the most versatile vehicles on the market. Even older 4Runners are showing up modern-day competitors. With the right 4Runner parts and care, it’ll take you wherever you need to go. Here are some of the best 4Runner ads that remind us of just that.

You In?

You In 4Runner ad

This 5th generation ad campaign paints the picture of the life of a 4Runner owner. The various ads appeal to people who live active lifestyles. Be it rock climbing, hiking, or fishing, 4Runner owners can do it all! These are a few examples of the ad series.

The Distance Between Two Points

Distance 4Runner ad

The shortest distance between two points is a rocky ravine, according to this ad. It shows a 4Runner doing what it does best, riding the trails.


Vintage 4Runner ad

This vintage ad inspires some serious nostalgia! It also reminds us that ads used to be a lot wordier. This may look more like a sale brochure than a print ad, but we love it.

Toyota Everyday

Everyday 4Runner ad

This poetic ad perfectly describes why driving a 4Runner is like therapy. From behind the steering wheel of your 4Runner, you can reconnect with the wild world.

A Road Can Be Anywhere

Road Anywhere 4Runner ad

When an automotive ad looks more like a work of art, it really makes you want to get out and drive! This ad reminds us that when you own a 4Runner, a road can be anywhere.

City Smart, Country Tough

Smart Tough 4Runner ad

What a perfect description of the 4Runner! It’s a great city car, and it can handle the great outdoors. In this ad, it looks like the couple is doing some antiquing before hitting the trails.

Did any of these ads inspire you to buy your 4Runner?