Toyota Sienna Hacks

Your Toyota Sienna is a part of the family with wheels. It gets you and your precious cargo where you need to go safely, with plenty of room for supplies, gear, and even entertainment. To maximize your Sienna ownership experience, you might find some of the following hacks useful. Keep these little tricks in mind to make life a little easier.

Use a Piece Of Tape To Mark Seat Settings

Tape mark seat hack

If you have a car you share with other people and can’t find the right seat adjustment, a small piece of tape will help! Having to readjust your seat every time you get in your Sienna is a thing of the past with this handy trick. Just tape off the line where your seat was, and you’ll no longer have to feel around to get back in that sweet spot where you’re most comfortable driving. Is the person you share your Sienna with also a little rough getting in and out of your Sienna? Make sure you’ve got door sills with these protectors under part number PT747-08041.

Use Hand Sanitizer To De-Ice A Car Lock

Hand sanitizer deice hack

The freezing cold winter is upon us, so keep this trick in mind as it gets cold. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers break down ice so you can get in your car! Keep some in your pocket or purse at all times and watch it do its magic when your door handles freeze over. To make sure no one is trying to break into your Sienna during the vulnerable winter months, equip it with a glass break sensor, part number PT398-08070.

Use A Razor Blade To Scrape Windshields

Razor blade windshield hack

Bugs or dirt can be scraped away from the windshield with a small razor blade! That’s right, a simple little razor blade like the one you use to refill a box cutter can really clean up your windows after a long trip through insect dense parts of the country. Just be careful not to gouge the factory tint or you’ll be left with a bit of a mess. To help protect your paint from bugs, pick up hood protector part number PT427-08040.

Use A Staple Remover To Separate Key Rings

Staple remover keyring hack

Staple removers are a great tool to protect fingernails when key rings won’t separate. We’ve all been there where we’re trying to hand over a key off a keyring when dropping your Sienna off for service, or letting someone borrow it for a week. Instead of fighting with your key chain, and breaking your nails, use a staple remover to get the key rings apart. Also, make sure you have your key finder with your keys if you’re going to be lending them out, check out part number PT725-03150 to get yours.

Use A Plastic Putty Knife And Goo Remover To Remove Stickers

Putty knife goo hack

Old stickers cluttering windshields? Use a plastic putty knife and some standard ‘goo remover.’ It’s as easy as that! You no longer have to roll around with the sticker of a soccer team your kids haven’t played on in years, or a president you voted for two terms ago, this trick will take old stickers right off. Try laying down a protective film before putting on stickers next time, like part number PT747-03150.

Long-Bristled Artist Brush Car Duster

Art brush duster hack

A long-bristled artist’s brush is a great tool for cleaning hard to reach nooks in the car. You can achieve professional-level detailing results without the price when you use this hack. If you have problems with smoke ash finding its way into vents and crevasses, check out this ashtray kit 74101-AE010 to contain ash and smoke.

Clean Car Gunk With A Screwdriver

Screwdriver gunk hack

Wrap a cloth around an old screwdriver (don’t use sharp edges) and you’ve got a tool for cleaning the gunk out of your interior. This is a great tip for all of the stuff you couldn’t get up with the previous hack using an artist brush. If your interior gets in the kind of shape where you need to use this trick, you might want to pick up some all-weather floor mats, check them out under part number PT908-08130-20.

Remove Dents On Your Car With Dry Ice

Dry ice dent hack

Use dry ice to remove dents, it’s a bizarre trick, but many swear by it. Be sure to protect your hands with gloves as dry ice can be dangerous to handle. If you’re not keen on the idea of dealing with the hassle of dry ice, lower door moldings can prevent a fair amount of dents, check them out under part number PT29A-08110.

Print off this page and keep it in your glove box for when you need them!