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An (Almost) Original 1986 Toyota FJ60 - Toyota Parts Blog

It’s rare to see any vehicle that hasn’t changed owners a few times, especially one older than 20 years — but this owner has been as loyal to her FJ60 as it has been to her.

86 Toyota badge

86 Toyota owners manual

Purchased in California in July 1986, the now FJ60 owner originally test drove a Jeep Cherokee and was not a fan.

86 Toyota 4wd logo

The salesman told the car shopper that the Landcruiser was a “beast that could climb a tree” — and they left the dealership, paying $15,300 for the FJ.

86 Toyota odometer

This near mint condition 1986 Toyota FJ60 is all original with around 149k miles on the clock.

86 Toyota door panel

It’s a very basic vehicle in the sense that all of the controls are manual, and there’s no frills about it — which actually makes it that much more appealing.

86 Toyota driver side front

It’s reminiscent of a simpler time in both the world and the auto industry.

86 Toyota driver side back

86 Toyota interior back

86 Toyota interior middle

It’s obviously very well maintained and clean, with a few minor upgrades as evident by the sideview mirrors, fog lights, stereo, tinted windows, and trailer hitch. Otherwise, it’s completely stock and all original — something you don’t see much of nowadays.

86 Toyota owners guide

This awesome Toyota FJ60 still serves as the owner’s daily driver, proving that you don’t need a lot of flash and upgrades to have a great car!

Written by Elizabeth Puckett