10 Crazy Prius Mods

Your Prius was a smart buy! It gets great mileage, it’s reliable, and there’s sort of a fun novelty to it. It’s great as is, but if you’re kind of a wild child, you may want to make yours a little different, right? Here’s some motivation to bring out Your Prius’ wild side!

Prius bed

1. Have A Nap

Okay, so the list starts out a little, meh, but we’ve got to build-up to the weirdest. In the meantime, take a little nap while you wait on your friends in big SUVs who have to stop at 9 different gas stations to fill up their dinosaurs before they can make it to your meet-up.

Prius convertible

2. Feel The Wind In Your Hair

Want a Prius convertible? Don’t let anyone stop you! Although they will probably try. This convertible mod was done Newport Convertible Engineering in California, and we can’t imagine that it was cheap.

Prius puv

3. Prius-UV?

No, not SUV, of course not, but Prius utility vehicle has a nice ring to it, no? Well, if you love old El Caminos but need to brag about driving a hybrid, there’s a car out there for you!

Prius camper

4. Prius Camper Van

Got some camping to do but aren’t about to go out and buy a gas-guzzling, tree-killing camper? There’s an alternative — the camper van Prius. This car is every bit as insane and intriguing as it sounds.

Prius sema

5. SEMA Got To This One…

Oh, you thought the Prius was safe from SEMA? You’d better think again! This isn’t nearly as over the top as most SEMA show cars, but it’s a little out there for being a Prius.

Prius meow

6. Meow-ius?

This cheetah inspired Prius is the cat’s, hybrid. Obviously overdone for a car show, you’re not likely to see this cat around.

Prius leopard

7. Someone Let Number 6 Out Of Its Cage

We did NOT see this one coming! In our searches, we found a streetcar that took the animal print thing a little too far — okay, it’s always too far. In all fairness, the show Prius appears to have Cheetah print and this is definitely a leopard.

Prius hedge

8. Your Prius Hedges Are Scaring The Neighborhood Kids

Are you just really enthused about the Prius? Why not have the gardener fashion the hedges into one and throw some hubcaps on it, then call it a day!

Prius LS1

9. LS1 Prius

Of course, someone has put an LS1 in a Prius, of course! What started off as an ongoing joke in the GM performance world came to life — allegedly. We can’t verify its actual existence as reports are extremely conflicting, but this image alone is enough to anger pretty much anyone. Enjoy!

Prius limo

10. Prius, Party Of 8?

Why not go to the prom in a Pirus limo? Can you think of one reason why not? It’d be hard to think of *just* one reason why not, but if you want a six-door, eight-seater Prius, there’s one out there just for people like you!