Detroit, Here We Come!

Toyota MPV

It has been rumored for months, and followers of Toyota have been gaining interest in its release. January 10th will be the day everyone finds out what Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A. has been working on, its new addition to the Prius family. In former teases, billboards, and sneak peeks, consumers and fans around the globe have been shown little bits and pieces of the vehicle, but before the Detroit Auto show this January, there has not been an official unveiling of the rumored Toyota Prius MPV. Will it be a more mini-van-styled build, or will Toyota follow its ideas of smaller, more efficient, and city-worthy vehicles? That, fellow Toyota followers, is the question.

There have been several aspects that the MPV will follow and multiple expectations it will aim to meet. While the Prius has been the most successful hybrid vehicle to date, selling 10,224 models in November alone. It has ruled the streets when it comes to clean, efficient, and “green” vehicles, but the size of the mid-sized sedan some would say has hindered its potential. While it is extremely successful in single-parent families and couples with one or two children, the soccer moms or big-load-haulers sometimes struggle to find enough room in the 3rd Generation Prius. Engineers at Toyota have squeezed as much space as they possibly can without compromising the efficiency and the idea that the Prius represents, but they can only do so much with current Toyota OEM parts. This is where the Toyota MPV comes in. Described and teased as a larger, more mini-van-sized vehicle, the new addition to the Prius family will appeal to that crowd.

With the estimated 50% capacity increase announced by Toyota, the MPV aims to give people with more cargo needs, like Bob Burnquist, who shot a tease for the upcoming vehicle, a green, super-efficient, and effective vehicle for his/her lifestyle. Not only will it use genuine Toyota parts, but also the Toyota MPV to be revealed will give that many more options to Toyota customers.

Things To Watch For At The Detroit Auto Show…

  1. Obviously the Toyota MPV. Expect a larger Prius alternative with more cargo and seating available.
  2. The Prius-family concept expected and said by TMS to be revealed. This will most likely be a plug-in version of the Prius that runs either entirely on electricity or incorporates a hybrid drive like the current Prius.
  3. Finally, watch out for any new and surprising concepts. While Toyota usually teases their revealed concepts and vehicles, they are also known to unveil brand new vehicles that haven’t even been rumored.
  4. While the focus is mostly on the Prius Family at this year’s Detroit Auto show, don’t forget the Scion brand. Last year, there were some very interesting concepts unveiled, and this year will probably be no different.

To find live updates, previews, and more information about the Detroit Auto show starting January 10th, visit the North American International Auto Show website found HERE or visit the Toyota Newsroom found HERE for Toyota-specific information regarding the show.