Toyota Denies Confidentiality Releases - Toyota Parts Blog

On Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC)’s online newsroom last Thursday, the Japan based company denied several allegations referring to two Toyota vehicles that were repurchased when the customers reported issues with unintended acceleration. The allegations were stating that Toyota forced the customer’s to sign confidentiality agreements, and then proceeded to not inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about said issues and the Toyota Parts involved. In the press release, found HERE, Toyota states that

“Contrary to reports, Toyota does not require vehicle owners to sign confidentiality agreements when the company repurchases a vehicle. Instead, customers are asked, but not required, to enter into a settlement agreement that releases the company from liability. The majority of owners agree to sign this release, but it does not contain a confidentiality clause.”

This statement, if accurate, would hold to TMC’s public image the company is trying to project to their consumers. After so many vehicles owners had their trust shaken when the initial recalls hit dealerships, Toyota has made significant changes in its infrastructure to ensure something like that does not happen again. From the SMART evaluation progress, to the “Field Technical specialists (FTS)” referred to in the actual press release, it would seem like the company is taking the right steps in the right directions. At the end of the press release, TMC stated:

“Toyota will continue to defend against the allegations made in the plaintiffs’ amended consolidated complaint that was recently filed in the ongoing multidistrict litigation class action.”

Written by Tom Blackman