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The Billboard That Showed it All - Toyota Parts Blog

Advertisements are probably the most important and powerful tool at the expense of businesses. They can spread excitement about the brand’s old successes, or, in Toyota’s case of late, advertisements can inject consumers with thrill in regards to new products. Last weekend, at the tenth anniversary of the Prius, a billboard showed up teasing a new member of the Prius family, now known as the Prius Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Shown with the caption “The Prius family is getting a whole lot bigger,” Prius fans looking for a bigger capacity and what looks like a van feel will be happy to know that the Prius MPV is definitely a real possibility.

Toyota Prius V MPV

Toyota MPV makes it’s first appearance on this billboard

A hybrid Prius van is something that many Toyota consumers have been wishing for. When it hits showroom floors, the MPV is expected to get around 40ish mpg, although that estimate is highly speculative. What is really new and important about this development is that it carries the name and style of the Prius.

This definitely shows that the company is taking a new direction with the Prius. It would seem that instead of just releasing hybrid versions of their already exciting vehicles, Toyota will be releasing all around new automobiles that share similar style and efficiency of their already wildly popular Prius. The main goal of Toyota with its hybrid lines, as is the goal with any automobile manufacturing company, is to ensure their vehicles and Toyota Parts are integrated into the mainstream of today’s “smart” consumer.

Written by Tom Blackman