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Toyota Sends Rebates for Lexus to Spark Sales - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota’s rebates and financial incentives are sure to bring new sales

At a conference in Las Vegas this week, Toyota gathered many of the area’s dealers to announce several new country wide rebates they will be offering for multiple Lexus models – up to $3,000 in fact – with the goal of surpassing their competitors in the Luxury SUV category. These rebates, available at nearly all dealerships in the U.S., were announced by Toyota Motor Corp (TMC) executive Akio Toyoda with the purpose of pumping excitement and enthusiasm in the dealership owners. The company and other high level executives aim to present these and other incentives to sell more vehicles and Toyota Parts.

That, however, was not the end of the conference. Along with the rebates, TMC will be offering subsidized financing on certain models in the brand.

These changes are largely brought on by the rising competition coming from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, two companies who lately have been trying to meet TMC’s record reputation of quality and reliability with their vehicles, and Toyota is responding with both the RX 350 and the new hybrid powered CT 200h. Both these automobiles are sending the message to Toyota’s consumer that there truly is a Lexus for everyone.

Written by Tom Blackman