Toyota Mud Guard Replacement - 76622-04102 Olathe Toyota

Mud Guard

The Toyota Tacoma is a great all round truck for both work and play. The mudguards on it are made to keep the paint safe from debris like rocks or other things that can be thrown up while you are driving through dirt.

  1. If you need to replace one of your mudguards, follow these instructions.
  2. Park your Tacoma on a flat, dry surface and using a jack and jack stands that are appropriate for this vehicle, jack it up in order to get all four wheels up off the ground.
  3. Remove the wheel from the mudguard that needs replaced.
  4. Take off the little clips that secure the mudguard to the fender trim. You do this by taking a flat screwdriver and pop off the center caps of the plastic cap. Pull the clip off the fender.
  5. Using a 3/8 inch socket and ratchet, unbolt the mudguard. You can now pull it away from the truck.
  6. Replace the mudguard with the replacement guard and clip it back to the Tacoma.
  7. Repeat this for each mudguard you wish to replace.
  8. Lower your vehicle.


When you need to replace the mudguards on your Toyota Tacoma, use OEM Part 76622-04102.

They can be found here. here

Written by Jason Lancaster