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Toyota Handle Replacement - 69090-0C080 - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota Liftgate Handle

The liftgate on your Toyota Sequoia is a great feature. It allows you to get in and out easily, and it gives you straightforward access to cargo in the hold. An outside handle operates the liftgate.

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The rear door handle has a lever on it that actuates the latch. This small lever can break and require you to replace the door handle. Removing the broken part of the handle can be a bit tricky, so you need to get a tool that has a slight bend in it. A strong piece of wire or a screwdriver type tool with a hook on the end will work. You need to get inside the latch to remove the broken part.


  • Replacement handle
  • #2 Philips Screwdriver
  • Trim tool
  • Small flashlight
  • Hooked tool or heavy wire with a hook

The first thing you do is make sure the tailgate is not locked. It can be opened from the outside as long as you are able to get the piece of broken lever out of the square hole in the handle grip area. This is where the hooked tool comes into play.

  1. Insert the hooked tool into the square hole and use it to locate the cable lever. The tool must be pointed up in order to hook the lever. After you have located it, pull down in order to pull the lever.
  2. Once you have it open, roll the back glass down for easier access.
  3. Pop the plastic trim pieces on the sides of the rear glass. They are barbed, and you pull them straight out to remove them. You now have access to the rear door cover.
  4. Remove the rear panel vinyl strap with a #2 Philips screwdriver. Remove the door panel. The panel can be removed from the bottom up by using a trim tool. The rear glass is inside the rear panel. It has a rubber blade attached to it that keeps the glass from rattling.
  5. Bend out one corner of the panel and pull up. It is hooked up over the top of the sheetmetal on the window opening. It may take a bit of force to get it started. Once you have it started, you can work towards the other end.
  6. After you have it loose around the top, the plastic barbs can be popped off in order to remove the panel.
  7. Once you have the panel removed, you are able to see inside the hatch. There are three rubber grommets that you need to remove. They allow you access to the latch lever. Use a screwdriver to push down the lever that will release the latch.
  8. You will find a white plastic cover over the cable attachment. In order to remove it, you pull it down. Then pull it away, and you will be able to unclip it from the bracket.
  9. Release the cable and remove the screws on the license plate cover. Remove the nut on the key cylinder assembly. Remove the cable assembly bracket. It is held in by two nuts. Once you have these parts removed, you can take off the license tag recess panel along with the latch lever assembly. It is one unit.
  10. Replace the latch with the new handle.
  11. Reinstall all the parts, door panel and trim in reverse order.

When you need to replace the outside door handle of your Toyota Sequoia, use OEM Part 69090-0C080.

You will find the replacement door handle here.

Written by Elizabeth Puckett