Toyota Parts Center Discusses How to Sell Toyota OEM Parts Online - Toyota Parts Blog

Have you ever wondered what the day-to-day operations are like at Toyota Parts Center? Have you ever wondered how we sell all those Toyota Tundra parts<, null, null, null, null)">Toyota Camry parts?

Toyota Parts Center’s very own Tom Blackman recently answered these questions in an in-depth interview with auto industry interactive marketing agency AfterMarketer Club for auto industry and aftermarket companies.

Tom sat down with AfterMarketer Club and discussed how Toyota Parts Center sells Toyota OEM parts and Toyota accessories online. Tom is the Parts Manager at Toyota Parts Center.

During the interview, Tom talked about the tremendous online sales success at Toyota Parts Center. He also discussed:

  • Online versus phone sales of Toyota parts
  • How customers search for parts on Google
  • How many calls Toyota Parts Center fields in a given day

The interview was part of AfterMarketer Club’s monthly In The Pits blogging series, which is featured on the AfterMarketer Club blog.

To read Blackman’s interview visit:

Written by Tom Blackman