How Much Does A Truck Bedliner Really Cost

DualLiner, the creator of an innovative component bed liner system for pickup trucks that significantly raises the bar over today’s plastic drop-in and spray-in bed liners, teamed up with a marketing company with the intent to collect information pertaining to the cost installers were charging for both Line-X and Rhino Linings spray-in bed liners. 248 spray-in bed liner installers were called and requests were made for their best prices for installation. The information they collected from the industry’s two biggest brands, Line-X and Rhino Linings, is something every Toyota truck owner should take into consideration when shopping for a bed liner for their trucks. 

The Cost Of Spray-In Liners Across The Country

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that installation costs vary extremely depending on the region. If you reside in New York, you’ll end up paying significantly less than those who reside in Texas. It’s blatantly obvious, due to the very significant differences, that the middleman has a lot of influence on the price of the finished product.

The bottom line:

  • The average quote for Rhino Linings installation on your pick-up: $470.41
  • The average quote for Line-X installation on your pick-up: $481.77

To put it in perspective for Toyota owners, the quoted vehicle featured a bed equivalent to the 2014 Tundra SR5 or Limited bed sizes, and you can expect prices to escalate for regular cab Tundras.

DualLiner survey of bedliner installers - an infographic

A Waiting Game

Aside from the money spent on your pick-up’s new bed liner, time spent on installation plays a great role as well. Appointment wait times and the time required to install the bed liner impact the overall satisfaction of making the purchase.

Here are the average wait times that were gathered if you were to take your truck to the installer:

  • 22.5% can schedule to get you in within a day’s time
  • 37.8% of installers could work on your truck within 2 to 3 days
  • 39.6% claimed it would be 4 or more days until they could install a spray-in liner on a customer’s truck

Considering the installers seem to make the installation is an all-day affair, those appointment wait times don’t seem that bad.

Here’s what the installers added about installation time:

  • 28.4% quoted 0-4 hour installation times
  • 38.7% said to expect 4-8 hours to complete the installation
  • 32.9% quoted 8 or more hours would be required for installation

With these long-range claims, it would be appropriate to plan to be without your truck for a whole day.

How Does DualLiner Compare?

What about DualLiner—the company with the mission to prove installers may not be as legitimate as one would think? The customers are the installers. Why? Because DualLiner’s product is that quick and easy to install, and their customers can tell you that it only requires around 30 minutes to make a huge difference. The great thing is, there’s no fluctuation in pricing regardless of where you reside. Customers who live in Washington pay the same amount as someone who lived in Massachusetts!

What’s the price to equip your Toyota? $139.99, according to DualLiner’s website, regardless of the size of your truck’s bed. DualLiner’s bed liners aren’t created equally, they’re custom-fit to exact bed dimensions, come with a lifetime warranty, and require absolutely no cutting, which is good because they’re nearly impossible to tear. DualLiner also offers discounts for Active Duty military personnel. All of this paired with free shipping makes a great, reliable deal for Toyota truck owners, and will probably cause you to question why you were ever considering the competition’s offerings.