Mississippi Toyota Plant resumes Construction - Toyota Parts Blog

Toyota just announced a Mississippi Toyota plant will resume production and will hire approximately 2000 team members. The main product of the plant, the Corolla Compact Sedan, is one of the best selling vehicles in Toyota’s utility belt of reliable and efficient vehicles. While construction of the project was stopped in 2008 because of the economic condition at the time, but the fact that construction is resuming could be a sign that everything is getting better, and possibly for the forseable future.

Opening late 2011, the plant will give a give a big boost in positive publicity for the company. Over the last few months, it seems like nothing is stopping Toyota from recovering fully from it’s former… troubles. From its aggressive ad campaigns to it’s recent deal with Tesla, Toyota is doing everything it can to ensure its customers stay with them for the future.

Another thing to note is the sudden surgence of Corolla manufacturing in the U.S. With this plant becoming revitalized and its partner in Corolla manufacturing in California just now coming into existince, it seems like Toyota is expecting more demand for this relatively new mid-sized sedan. With a sleek design and a solid, strong engine causes it to jump to the front of the contest in its category.

Written by Tom Blackman