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Toyota Sales Incentives Moving Business Forward - Toyota Parts Blog

If you haven’t noticed Toyota’s numerous television ads advertising their spectacular spring sales, you’ve either been living under a rock, or blind.On nearly every major station, Toyota has been airing commercials highlighting the spectacular deals of vehicles currently available at dealerships.

This last month, Toyota has reported over a 24 percent sales gain from a year ago. The company reportedly sold 139 thousand vehicles in the US last month, showing that both the U.S. economic losses and the recall woes are beginning to give way to better auto sales.

One big factor in the leap in sales has to do with the great incentives offered by dealerships around the area. Olathe Toyota, one of the most successful in Kansas City Metro area, is offering zero-percent financing for seven models, free maintenance for two years to all new customers, and several interest free loans that are available to buyers. All this in order to make sure business stays good, and give you, the loyal customer, a great deal on a great vehicle.

Toyota in the past has had some pretty impressive deals, but none quite like this. The incentives are so aggressive, in fact, they have forced competition into trying to meet these great deals, but none have even gotten close so far. If you are interested in buying a new car made with great Toyota Parts for a great price, your nearest Kansas City Toyota Dealership is the place to go!!!

Written by Tom Blackman