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The Toyota Sienna Recall: What You Need to Know - Toyota Parts Blog

With the now public Sienna recall in the mix, consumers can be somewhat confused about what is happening and what they need to do about it. In this article, we will strive to answer any questions/concerns you may have about this recent issue. The issue that Toyota is solving in this recall is in the cables that secure the spare tire to the vehicle. When exposed to extreme conditions (i.e. snow on roads, excessive salt on pavement, sea spray) the cables would start to corrode and, in extreme cases, the tire would fall off creating a road hazard for other drivers. The recall is completely voluntary, so those drivers who do not need to worry about sea spray or salt on roads do not have to have the cables replaced, although Toyota highly recommends it for safety reasons.

While the word “recall”, especially of late, has been associated with catastrophic results, this problem is fairly minor. Even so, Toyota is responding quickly to ensure the satisfaction of their loyal customers.

Any Sienna owners can take their car to the nearest Kansas City Toyota Dealership to get a preliminary inspection while Toyota works on a lasting solution to the issue.

The 2010 Sienna still stands as one of the best selling van out there. Drivers all over the country love its fierce design, comforting interior, and fuel efficient engine. Don’t let this minor setback diverge you from the great product the Sienna really is!

Written by Tom Blackman