Toyota Starts SMART Customer Complaint Response Team

Ever since Toyota first began to experience troubles with recalls, their biggest priority has been making it up to their loyal customers. One change Toyota has made to make things right is a SMART response team. According to Toyota’s national blog, “The rapid-response Swift Market Analysis Response Team will attempt to contact customers within 24 hours of receiving a complaint of unintended acceleration to arrange for a comprehensive on-site vehicle analysis..“ For anyone who has had trouble dealing with problems in other companies, they can breathe a breath of relief when a Toyota representative gets back to them after just one day. Plus, the on-site analysis will really give the customer immediate feedback from the company.

Engineers from all over the company will assist in the SMART analysis. That includes American and Japanese minds, so Toyota can nearly guarantee your issue can be solved between the many minds working on your problem.

Dealers all around both the US and Japan have been informed about the changes, and the information has been passed on to them.