Scion xD Power Window Failure Guide

Are your Scion xD power windows not working correctly? Is one falling down? Get them fixed by following this guide to common problems and their solutions.

Scion xD Power Window Failure Guide

Is your Scion xD having power window issues? Get them fixed by following this guide.

Power windows are a great convenience … when they work. When they don’t, it is an entirely different story. Luckily, the power window system is fairly simple and easy to figure out.

A quick note before you attempt to repair your windows is to make sure you have ample time, light and work space. Working in a cramped space under a time crunch can lead to a botched repair job. Don’t be that person, take your time and do it right.

Below are different sections that apply to your problem and the most common way to fix it.

Window Regulator

One of the most common items that fails in a power window system is the regulator. The regulator is a motorized part which lowers and raises the window. With normal usage, it will fail over time. Fortunately it is easy to swap out an old regulator with a new one.

In order to fix this problem, you will need to follow these generic stops for getting the door panel off:

  1. First, buy a new part at your local Toyota dealer or through
  2. Then, disconnect the negative power cable to the battery.
  3. Next, look for and remove screws holding the plastic panel to the door frame. Make sure you check not so obvious places like behind the speaker.
  4. Once the screws are removed, use a door removal tool or carefully use a flat handle screwdriver to pop open the plastic clips holding the panel on. As you release these clips, you should hear a clicking sound.
  5. With the door panel loose, lift up and remove the panel. Make sure you keep your eyes out for an electrical cable connecting the power window/door lock switches to the interior door. Unhook this connection.
  6. Next, you should see a plastic shroud. Carefully peel back this shroud.
  7. With the shroud peeled back, you can now see the window and regulator. Simply swap it out.

Here is a video on how to remove the similar xB door panel.

Off Track

Another, less common, problem is for your window to come off the track. The window rides between a metal rail as it raises and lowers. While it is extremely rare for the window to get loose between this rail, it can happen.

If you think this is your problem, follow the steps above to remove the door panel. Then, examine the metal rail and fix it accordingly.

Door Lock/Window Fuse

One of the last “common” fixes is the fuse going bad. Inside the fuse box is one fuse labeled “door lock/window fuse.” Typically, if you have this problem, you are also having problems with your door locks as well. This is simple to replace and swap out the bad fuse for a new one.

If none of these solutions helps, it is probably time to see your local mechanic.


Written by Tim Esterdahl