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1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale - Drag Strip Ready

You want a really fast Toyota Supra? Time to dust your buddies at the track? Then, this 1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo is the right car for you!

1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale - Drag Ready

This meticulously maintained Toyota Supra has all the goodies for a top-notch drag car.

Drag International is selling this unique and super fast, 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo on eBay right now for $65,000. It has been built to be an all purpose Street/Strip warrior. And it has been meticulously cared for. Looking at the car in the photos backs up those statements. It is one of the best Toyota Supra Turbo Targa’s we have seen.

The car includes, as you would expect, a host of amazing aftermarket modifications and parts.

Chassis / Interior:

  • 1995 Supra Turbo Targa / 6 Speed / Baltic Blue / Black Interior / No Accidents / Clean Title
  • Custom Roll Cage with Harness Bars – Retains Full Door Panel / Parachute / Fuel Cell / External Power Cut Off
  • Clean Interior with Sparco Reclining Seats / RJ Race Harnesses / TRD Tachometer
1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale - Drag Ready

No, this isn’t a Fast and Furious car scene. This is a real life drag car you can own.

The drag racing interior with custom roll cage, Sparco seats and RJ racing harnesses is really cool by itself. Then, you add:


  • AEM V2 ECU + AEM CDI Installed and Tuned by Lance on E85 Pump Fuel
  • Brand New OEM Head and Block custom built to 3.2L Spec
  • Electric Water Pump System
  • Fluidyne Radiator Water Cooling System / Dual Electric Fans
  • Siemens 2150 CC Injectors
  • MSD Fuel Pump Voltage Controller – MAP Controlled
  • Weldon Race Fuel Pump #2345
  • CP Pistons / 8.5:1 Compression / Custom Pins
  • GRP Aluminum Rods
  • Billet Main Caps and Studs
  • Xtreme Cylinder Heads Stage 4 Head Package
  • Crower 280 Cams / +1mm Ferrea Valvetrain
  • New OEM Crank with Custom Grind
  • Titan Damper Pulley
  • Greddy 4 Row Intercooler / V-Band Intercooler Piping
  • Solid Engine Mounts
  • AN Fittings THROUGHOUT
  • Custom Catch Can with quick drain


  • Fresh V160
  • RPS Billet Carbon Triple Disc Clutch
  • PST Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft
  • HKS Hypermax Coilover Suspension
  • CCW Classic Wheels – Drag Package Spec + Mickey Thompsons
  • Turbo Brakes


  • AEM Instrumentation – Fully Integrated with Warning Functions : Fuel Pressure / Boost Pressure / Oil Pressure / Air Fuel Ratio (Wideband)
  • Carbon Fiber TRD Rear Wing
  • Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • 1998 Head Lights and Tail Lights
  • Fresh Wet Sand and Buff
1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale - Drag Ready

Of course brakes aren’t quite enough when the car is pushing out 1342 HP. You need this parachute to help as well.

Drag International says all the parts are new and controlled with AEM V2 + AEM CDI. It also has a tune to make this car run consistently and safely with all that HP.

Want proof of the 1342 HP claim? Check out this video.

In short, “this car combines Supra smooth looks and reliable performance with race car power and focus,” says Drag International on their eBay listing.

Stock Supra Now Collector’s Item

The 1342 HP number is really huge when you consider a stock 1995 Supra put out only 220 HP (naturally aspirated) and 320 HP (twin-turbo version). It’s hard to tell if this version was initially a twin-turbo model since the Targa top  didn’t become standard for turbos until 1996.

These days the Supra is really a collector’s car. Most people look for stock models to either modify themselves or drive stock. Many people missed out on the chance to buy one back in the day and now they can.

Their is some talk Toyota might bring back a Supra. The rumor goes along the lines of since Akio Toyoda is now in charge and he is an avid performance car driver, he will bring the excitement back to Toyota’s lineup. We spoke with Toyota’s group vice president and general manager Bill Fay about this idea at the 2015 Toyota Camry unveiling. He indicated the possibility is certainly there and Akio “is not a bean counter.”

For more information on this Toyota Supra model, check out our 4th Generation history post.

This is a one-of-a-kind car that has been professional built and maintained. Combine this with an assortment of top-notch parts and you have a ready to go drag car. This is ideal for people who really want to drag, but aren’t gear heads.



Written by Tim Esterdahl