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Toyota Bland Car Image Changing - New Designs and Designer Promotion

For decades, Toyota has built really reliable vehicles. Yet, for most people, they are pretty bland looking. That is starting to change thanks to Akio Toyoda’s direction. Do you like where it is heading?

Toyota Bland Car Image Changing - Corolla

The design of the new Corolla sure looks a lot different than the old one.

Toyoda has told his employees to add more “flavor” and “seasoning” to the product lineup. His thought is that people will buy Toyota’s based on their reputation for quality and the new designs won’t change that.

From the polarizing grille on the new Toyota Tundra, the sleek lines and dramatic changes to the Toyota Corolla to the recently debuted Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept, things are sure looking different.

Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept

This new Lexus RC F GT3 Racing Concept is yet another design change for Lexus.

Apparently, Toyoda likes this direction and wants it to continue. He just promoted design chief Tokuo Fukuichi to President of International Operations for Lexus. Moving a designer into a top senior management position isn’t unheard of, it is just different for Toyota. 

Toyoda is hoping that Fukuichi can help change Lexus’ image and help it grow in new emerging markets. Lexus is shooting for growth as high as 10 percent annually as it expands into China, Vietnam, Brazil and Peru according to Mark Templin, the second executive vice president.

Lexus Goes Turbo - LF-NX Advanced Crossover Concept

The Lexus LF-NX turbo concept is certain to turn heads.

This move could help push new concepts into the market like the LF-NX crossover. This vehicle shook up the automotive world with its wild looks and is a stark contrast to the other Lexus vehicle lineup.

FT-1 design

This FT-1 Concept is being seriously talked about as a possible production car.

There is also talk that Toyota is seriously considering bringing the FT-1 to market as a Supra successor. While Toyota had moved away from sports cars to a certain degree, Toyoda is a big fan of racing and could bring the automaker back into more sporty designs.

Ultimately all of these new designs are creating a stir. Whether or not that is a good stir is up for debate.

What do you think? Do you like the direction things are going?

Written by Tim Esterdahl