Toyota Tests New Wireless Charging System for EV Cars

Toyota is starting a one-year test on EV cars to see how well they charge by simply parking on a special charging pad. No wires or plugs required.

Toyota Tests New Wireless Charging System for EV Cars

Imagine parking your EV car and letting it charge. That is exactly what Toyota is working on.

The plan is to use magnetic-resonance technology under a parking space to wirelessly charge the battery. By using this type of charging system, users can avoid any potential issues with trying to find a charging station for their specific car and/or worrying about finding a plug that fits. Also, it is pretty convenient to simply park your vehicle and let it charge.

The test will be conducted in Japan with three different Prius EV hybrids. Also being tested is a new parking system that will help guide the driver to the correct spot above the charger.

Toyota Tests New Wireless Charging System for EV Cars

Toyota is working on a wireless charging system and how well driver’s will be able to align to it.

For the drivers, they will look at ease of use, user satisfaction, misalignment rates and charging behavior.

This charging technology isn’t so far fetched and many cell phones are starting to incorporate the technology. Some of these cell phones will be made to use this technology inside your vehicle. Imagine being able to place your cell phone down on a pad next to your cup holder. The system would recognize your phone and start charging it wirelessly.

While the technology exists, the infrastructure, like most new-age devices, isn’t ready for widespread use. This test is really about seeing if the public is ready for the technology and what it will take for the infrastructure to be built out.

A growth in the amount and ability of charging for EV vehicles is seen as a big steeping stone to their widespread usage.

What do you think? Cool idea or are you concerned about a fire risk?

Written by Tim Esterdahl