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Snowboarder Slept in Tundra Truck, Made Olympic Team

What does an Olympic snowboarder and a Toyota Tundra have in common? The Olympic committee recently named Justin Reiter to the Olympic team. He lived out of his truck while training for a spot in the games.

Olympic Snowboarder Slept in Tundra Truck, Made Team

Newly named Olympic snowboarder Justin Reiter sleeps in his Toyota Tundra while preparing for the Winter games.

Reiter, 32, has been the “best U.S. Alpine snowboarder the last two World Cup seasons,” according to NBC Sports.com. He missed the 2010 Olympics due to reconstructive surgery for a degenerative patella.

He competes in a relatively unknown snowboard discipline – Alpine. Although, it isn’t as well-known as say the halfpipe, it has been part of the Olympic program since 1998 (same for half pipe).

The Tundra looks like a 2nd generation, double cab and he has spent his entire summer and fall in Park City, Utah living in the truck.

“In the back is the bedroom and lounge, all inclusive,” he told KSL-5TV in Salt Lake City as he gave a tour of his truck. “A lot of people would probably go nuts over this, but I think the longer that you live with less you realize the less that you actually need.”

You can follow and help Justin Reiter at his Rallyme page.

Written by Tim Esterdahl