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Toyota Avalon Speaker Replacement Guide - 86160-ac180

The Toyota Avalon has a really nice factory sound system when it is working properly. When it isn’t, it is time for some maintenance. Here is how to replace the speakers and buy the right replacement parts.

Toyota Avalon Speaker Replacement Guide - 86160-ac180

The Toyota Avalon is one sharp looking car with a great sound system. Keep it working by replacing your speakers when they need it. Here’s how.

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Most Toyota Avalon models come with high quality JBL speakers. While you may be tempted to just use whatever you have laying around for a replacement speaker, using the same brand/type does make a difference. Buying a new replacement speaker directly from a Toyota dealership online or in person is the right way to find a replacement part.

Remove Front and Rear Speakers

In order to replace the front and rear speakers make sure you have a Phillips screwdriver, 10mm ratchet and a pry bar. Here are the steps.

  1. Looking at the door panel, locate the screws along the edges. Remove these screws.
  2. Using the pry bar, carefully insert it between the door panel and the door frame. Gently and carefully, pull it towards you until you hear an audible click. This “click” is the door panel clips disengaging.
  3. Find the speaker and locate the screws holding it into place. Remove these screws and carefully remove the speaker.
  4. Next, look for a wiring harness connecting the speaker to your sound system. Unclip this item.
  5. The speaker should now be free from obstructions and you can safely replace it.
  6. Reverse these steps to put the door back together.

Replacing blown or worn-out speakers is ideal to making sure your Toyota Avalon’s sound system operates at an optimal level. For help in making this replacement, check with your local Toyota dealer.

Written by Tim Esterdahl